Product Placement in Gaming

Companies have even began integrating product placements into video games. They have changed some of their focus to gaming, and I would say it’s a good thing too because typically advertisers pay $20,000 – $100,000 to have their message displayed in the game. There is a lot of success with this because of the age groups that play certain types of games. Around half of Americans 6 years and older play video games and men 18 years and older make 26% of gamers (Vivian 298-299). So as you can see the success comes from a pretty big percentage of America.

Product Placement in gaming has some upsides and downsides. Some of the upsides include the fact that the advertisement can be changed from one product to the next in an internet based game. Some companies even have programs that keep track of how many gamers see the advertisement. Although there are some good things, we all know there is bound to be something bad such as having some games take a very long time to develop requiring advertisers to have a campaign for their product far more ahead than they would probably like (Vivian 298-299).

One example of a video game product placement is in Burnout Paradise with political campaign ads on the billboards. This could be an example of an upside and a downside because voting campaigns do start early but the programmers would need it very, very early.



Although I have never seen an advertisement in a video game I do think that based on the statistics it is a growing place to put product placements. Really the only reason I have never seen one is because I never play games (except to watch a few times). I feel as though while people are gaming they aren’t paying too much attention to advertisements but subconsciously they might see something that to them is something they would need.


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