Product Placement in Television

Product Placement eventually went into TV, I assume because they realized the potential such things could bring. In 1999 TiVo became a thing of importance and so did other devices that people could use to watch television commercial-free. The industry was worried because, well, how would they get their products out there for the audiences to see? The solution was more product placement deals than ever before. “Advertisers spent an estimated $941 million for product placements on television in 2010”(Vivian 309-310). They have become a huge success in the TV industry.

A big example of product placement in TV is “American Idol” and how they drink from Coca Cola glasses (Vivian 309-310). Other examples include; “Friends” with the showing of Oreos,  and also when games such as Baseball, the TV director can place ads onto the green or blue backgrounds that they crowd sees (PVI).


(PVI) Friends

My own opinion about Product Placement in television is that I think it is very clever. Television shows are more related to our day to day lives rather than a Hollywood Block Buster. Therefore when the cast uses certain products that we are likely using in our lives it makes the show seem more realistic. Obviously in a reality TV show they are actual real people non-scripted, in some instances, but in a scripted series the products are likely to be seen again (like in “Friends”) because it is something that the character would like.


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