Product Placement in General

Product Placement, also called embedded marketing, came to be in the 1980’s. It was writing a product into a script of a movie or a television show as a subtle advertisement for the corporation. At first there was much criticism about it but nonetheless it gained popularity and the fees grew exponentially (Vivian 309-310). Some examples of product placements would be in the movie “Legally Blonde” They show the car she is driving on many different occasions. The first and I’m guessing the most expensive shot was when she leaves for D.C.

(Controgest SPRL)

(Controgest SPRL)

There are a lot of different places that corporations decide to put there products into a big screen movie or show. Such as; Hollywood Movies, Television, and even in Games. It seems like companies are always finding new ways to get their product out there and in the coming posts, you will see just how!

In my own opinion I love product placement because I think it brings the movie and/or show closer to how we live. Such as seeing a product that you use everyday, it could be a blow dryer or your favorite food that pop up on the screen, and I feel as though I’m more related and able to connect to the movie/show.


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